You’ve packed your shorts and sunscreen and you’re ready for fun in Florida—but what do you do when the forecast calls for a rainy day? From creating your own crayons at the Crayola Experience to meeting actual astronauts at the Kennedy Space Center, you’ll find plenty of ways to make the most of your trip no matter the weather in Orlando. June through September tend to be the rainiest months in Florida, but your vacation won’t miss a beat if you have a plan for what to do when it rains in Orlando.

Theme Parks

Mouse umbrella for Orlando in the rain

Yes, it’s still worth it to go to Orlando’s theme parks in the rain, and here’s why. Disney World and Universal only close during extreme weather, so if you don’t mind getting a little wet, you’ll find shorter lines and fewer crowds at your favorite attractions. Some rides close during the rain, but many are indoors and keep dishing out the magic regardless of an Orlando rainstorm. So, grab a poncho or umbrella and hit the theme parks. Besides, you were going to get wet on Splash Mountain anyway, right?

Crayola Experience

Kids playing with crayons at the Crayola Experience in Orlando

When it’s raining outside, look for the rainbow—and you’ll find it at the Crayola Experience. See how crayons are made, come up with your own color name, and create your own crayon at this family-friendly indoor attraction. Children can engage their imaginations with coloring pages that come to life and run off their energy on a 2-story color playground. With 26 different hands-on activities under 1 roof, the Crayola Experience is sure to keep your kids engaged rain or shine.

WonderWorks Orlando

Wonderworks in Orlando for a rainy day

If it’s stormy outside, blow your hair dry with hurricane gales inside a wind tunnel in the upside-down building of WonderWorks. With hours of interactive activities, you can snap a selfie while wearing a spacesuit, make a bubble larger than your body, and use your brain to win a game of MindBall. Test your mettle on the glow-in-the-dark ropes course or team up for an exciting game of laser tag. With more than 100 things to do inside, you might find yourself still in WonderWorks long after the Orlando rain clears.

Kennedy Space Center

Inside Kennedy Space Center in Florida

If the forecast calls for clouds, shoot for the stars at the Kennedy Space Center. You can easily spend a whole day exploring the many interactive and educational NASA exhibits. See authentic spacecraft like the Space Shuttle Atlantis and the 363-foot (111-m) Saturn V—the largest rocket ever built. You can even meet veteran NASA astronauts. Listen to personal stories about their time in space and have your questions about outer space answered by an expert. For anyone with an interest in the American space program, the Kennedy Space Center is a must-do in Orlando, rain or shine.

Chocolate Kingdom Factory Adventure Tour

Pouring melted chocolate

The Chocolate Kingdom Factory Adventure Tour is perhaps the most delicious thing to do in Orlando when it rains. Discover how chocolate is made, from cacao plants growing in a greenhouse to customizing your own chocolate bar. Kids are sure to love the 7-foot-tall (2-m) chocolate castle and flowing river of chocolate. Also, what would a chocolate tour be without sinking your teeth into some toothsome samples. After visiting the Chocolate Kingdom in Orlando, you might just start planning your whole trip around chocolate.

Skeletons: Museum of Osteology

Skeletons Museum of Osteology in Orlando

Stay bone dry during Orlando’s regular summertime showers inside Skeletons: Museum of Osteology. Over 500 real animal skeletons fill the space with life-like poses. Explore the unique collection with a scavenger hunt that prompts you to look a little more closely to discover fascinating answers. See the hefty bones of a gargantuan elephant and the fragile skeleton of a tiny mouse while you learn all about the vertebrates who share our planet.

Madame Tussauds Orlando: Celebrity Wax Attraction

Taking a selfie at Madame Tussauds in Orlando

Don’t let a little precipitation ruin your Orlando vacation. You’ll find plenty of smiling faces at Madame Tussauds in Orlando. Snap selfies with wax figures of your favorite celebrities, ranging from Taylor Swift to Steve Jobs. Strike a pose with members of the Justice league, including Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. You even have a chance to make your own wax hand to take home. This climate-controlled indoor attraction also makes a great place to escape the sticky, humid heat of summer.

Escape Rooms in Orlando

Inside an Escape Room in Orlando when it rains

The door closes and the clock starts ticking. Can your team search for clues and complete the puzzles before your time is up? Choose from a variety of escape room scenarios in Orlando, including searching for a missing Egyptologist in the Lost Tomb of Monthu and solving a major art heist before you’re framed for the crime. A thrilling hour in an escape room is a great rainy-day activity for families with teens or groups of friends.

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

Actors at Titanic the Artifact Exhibition in Orlando

Turn back the clock to the time of the Titanic. Walk through recreated rooms of the doomed ship, from the boiler room to the Grand Staircase to a first-class cabin. Along the way, speak with actors in authentic period costumes who portray actual passengers and examine artifacts that survived the sinking of the Titanic. You can even touch a real iceberg and a piece of the famous ship’s hull. Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition provides plenty to see and do in Orlando when it rains.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odditorium

The Lizard Man at Ripley's Believe it or Not! Odditorium

Whether it’s a drizzle or a downpour, head to the weirdest place in Orlando—Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odditorium. Enter the lopsided building and prepare to encounter the weird, the wacky, and the unexpected. Examine shrunken heads, marvel at life-like holograms, and see how you measure up to the world’s tallest man. Plus, the Odditorium is filled with dozens of funky photo opportunities that are sure to have friends and family back home wondering how you did it.

What are your top things to do in Orlando when it rains?