The coronavirus has changed how we do many things—including how we work. Granted, for some of us rolling out of bed and onto a Zoom call in our pajamas seemed pretty great at first, but after several months, we’re ready for a change. But what to do when we still have work or to attend virtual school?

Luckily, more and more hotels have gotten wind of our desperate need for a change of scenery and are answering the call by suggesting staycation getaways. You might be thinking that a “workcation” isn’t a thing, but once you read about the perks of taking one, you might think differently.

Workcation Only A Road Trip Away

We understand if flying is not your thing right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t seek out an escape closer to home. We recommend packing up the car, the kids, and even the pets and find your escape only a road trip away. There are tons of road trip accessible hotels offering discounted stays, as well as free WiFi and parking. There are many other amenities to look out for and consider when booking—such as complementary or discounted laundry and food service (because really who wants to do work or school and laundry?). Of course, the “vacation” part of it all further extends itself anywhere where spa services are offered and an in-house gym is available for guests. Whether your road trip is to Portland, Maine, or Portland, Oregon, there is a workcation haven waiting for you.

Imagine taking your Zoom calls from here. Image: The Boathouse Waterfront Hotel & Marina, Portland, Maine

Resort or Cabin: Your Office Can Be Anywhere

Working out of a coffee shop is a thing of the past—for now. But what you do have is the option to choose a more exciting, exclusive, and unique office space. Take your hotel experience to the next level but staying in a resort, with all the amenities and services you could ever need right at your fingertips, and even a pool and beachfront to enjoy. Or maybe you want a cozier, private experience. Fortunately, there are plenty of cabins and home rentals, big and small, eager to welcome guests, and open to long-term rentals. So whether your heart desires a mansion in Florida or a cabin in Colorado, find a vacation rental that will make you forget how much you were missing your narrow coffee shop nook.

A home rental comes with all the free coffee you could want. Image: Colorado Bear Creek Cabins, Evergreen, Colorado

These are just two main options to consider and where you can find incredibly enticing accommodations to make your work-from-home experience a bit more pleasant.

Working Far From Home

If working a bit further from home is something you dream of, and can do, then the workcation you want to consider is one that includes a work visa and extended stays overseas. Some countries have been offering this opportunity to freelancers and business owners. You have to meet certain income criteria, invest on an entry fee, get tested for COVID as well as have health insurance, but other than that, the opportunity to live like a local and work by the breach is there for the taking!

Some countries offering these amazing opportunities are The Cayman Islands, Aruba, Dubai, Estonia, Spain, and Germany. The list a lot longer than this, so definitely check out if the country of your dreams is open to welcoming remote workers.

You have to meet certain income criteria to work abroad, invest on an entry fee, get tested for COVID as well as have health insurance, but other than that, the opportunity to live like a local and work by the beach is there for the taking.

So whether you are looking for a little hotel getaway or a longer retreat somewhere beachy or classically European, the opportunities for a workcation are endless, making going to work something to really, really look forward to.

Note: Many states have re-tightened restrictions surrounding COVID-19 (including dissuading non-essential travel). Please research and follow all guidance relevant to your period of travel.

Where would you like to escape for a workcation?