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Meet the 2019 Squad – Soccer jerseys inspired by regions of Europe

The best travel adventures require determination, bravery, and a whole lot of excitement. That’s why as the official travel partner of the UEFA Champions League, we’re cheering you on to travel like a champion. Scale that mountain, mark another country off your list, and venture into unparalleled territory.

Expedia believes in traveling to follow your passion, so we combined the spirit of the competition with the magic of adventure. We designed 11 unique soccer jerseys that represent Europe’s most popular regions, from the Aegean Islands to Costa del Sol. Inspired by the areas’ vivid colors, architecture, and landscapes, the shirts capture the allure and power of each destination. Take a visual journey through the entire squad and get ready to travel like a champion.

Cote d’Azur

The Jersey
Between the southern Alps and the Mediterranean lies Côte d’Azur. With its otherworldly turquoise waters, white sands, and towns that host prestigious gatherings, it’s no wonder the area has captured the imagination of artists such as Monet, Renoir, and Chagall.

Like its own work of art, a parade of sun-kissed primary colours makes up the right shoulder. On the left chest, the shield’s laurel leaf accents pay homage to the area’s legendary Cannes Film Festival. The all-white right sleeve mimics the glistening sands balanced by the left sleeve’s blue and white stripes—emblematic of the iconic umbrellas that dot the beaches. At the hem, the turquoise darkens to a deep cobalt, as if you are peering down into the Mediterranean itself.

The Region
Côte d’Azur, which means The Azure Coast, has long evoked images of European and Hollywood royalty. With warm tranquil waters, pristine beaches, and Mediterranean weather, it’s no surprise that tourists from all over the world flock to its exquisitely immaculate shores. Still, with all its luxury, Côte d’Azur manages to exude all the charm of a small Mediterranean seaside town.

Thanks to its seemingly endless coastline, you may never leave the beach, and with its natural beauty, you may not need to. Though, if you are blessed with a trip here, pull yourself away from the siren song of these shores. Slip into the Fondation Maeght, where you’ll see work from some of the most important 20th-century artists such as Jean Arp, Pierre Bonnard, and Georges Braque.



The Jersey
The recently established region of Nouvelle Aquitaine stretches along the Bay of Biscay from the Spanish border up to Loire-Anjou Touraine Regional Nature Park. And while the name may be fairly new to the world, the cuisine and wines that hail from here have been cherished for centuries.

To symbolize the soft landscape, the upper chest and torso are composed of shades of muted, rich soil-like browns with horizonal lines in sun-drenched beige, representing the famed Dune du Pilat. Anchoring the shirt is a deep mulberry, symbolic of the esteemed varietals that hail from the Bordeaux region. Finally, the right sleeve’s grape leaf design nods to the area’s viticulture, while on the left, a Palaeolithic-style drawing represents Lascaux Cave.

The Region
Nouvelle-Aquitaine, or New Aquitaine, may be new as of 2014, but the land holds significant human history dating back thousands of years. As one of the largest regions in all of France, it is no wonder that the land itself is so diverse. Besides its green valleys of vineyards, you’ll find sky-scraping sand dunes, sun-kissed beaches, snow-capped mountains, and lush forests of oak and chestnut trees.

While the wine and cuisine get most of the attention—and deservedly so—it’s what’s beneath the surface that’s most intriguing. Lascaux Cave contains over 600 wall paintings, dating back roughly 17,000 years. After you visit them, take time to ponder what story they wanted to tell future generations over a glass of locally produced wine.



The Jersey
Puglia, a southern region in Italy, is bordered by both the Adriatic and Ionians Seas, giving it the longest coastline in the country. With its fertile soil, coastal access, and Mediterranean climate, it’s no wonder the area has been home to some of the greatest empires throughout history.

Representing the seas that surround the region, the neckline is a dark azure blue that gradually transitions to a dazzling turquoise as you move down toward the hem. The triangular pattern, in brilliant daisy white, is a nod to the trulli, the unique stone huts of the region. The biscotti-coloured circular accents, dotting the chest, are a tribute to both the regions famed olive oil and orecchiette, a pasta popular in local cuisine.

The Region
If you view a map of Italy as a boot, then Puglia is its stiletto heel. An area with access to both the Adriatic and Ionians Seas contains a great deal of history. In fact, Puglia is one of the richest archaeological regions in Italy. And this is telling, as with every turn in the country you’re bound to see something historically significant.

No matter where you go, whether it be the coastline or the fertile plateaus, it’s easy to see why so many empires, from the Mycenaean to Holy Roman, made this the centre of their kingdoms. And as you admire the ruins of civilizations past, remember that no place in Italy is without incredible cuisine. This area is no different with its famed orecchiette pasta and meals boasting lamb and rich, locally produced olive oil.



The Jersey
Spanning along the Apennine Mountains and the Tyrrhenian Sea, Tuscany sits nestled in the centre of Italy. The romantic region is celebrated the world over for its divine grape varieties, charming hilltop towns, and artistic legacy.

To capture the spirit of viticulture, a rich burgundy colour drenches the shoulders and sleeves, as if soaked in the region’s fine Chianti wine. The deep grape colour flows between wavy lines on the chest, reminiscent of the region’s gentle slopes and quintessential hill tops. Rippled curves juxtapose the diagonal fertile green lines at the bottom, depicting the rows of grape-bearing vines of the Tuscan vineyards, from San Gimignano to Siena. Collectively, the shades capture the essence of the region’s famed Renaissance masterpieces.

The Region
Tuscany’s landscape is a dreamy slice of Italy, lined with grape vines and olive trees, surrounded by lush countryside. The region will lure you in with a glass of local wine, but the rich culture, Renaissance artwork, and medieval architecture will have you sticking around for longer.

Tuscany offers a wealth of attractions, from the notorious Leaning Tower of Pisa to the prestigious Uffizi Gallery. This region houses some of the world’s most famous masterpieces, such as Botticelli’s Birth of Venus and Michelangelo’s David, just to name of few. Admire the artwork, indulge in the cuisine, and hop around to each town to fully sample the fruits of this region. It doesn’t get much better than a holiday in Tuscany.


Costa del Sol

The Jersey
Welcome to Costa del Sol, also known as Spain’s Sun Coast. This lovely region is well-regarded for its high-end resorts, soft sands, and glittering blue waters. Without question, a trip to this playground of sand and sea promises ultimate relaxation.

Taking a cue from the bright Spanish landscape, the design encompasses the allure of Andalusia. The traditional white houses in Mijas Pueblo inspired the white panels across the chest, while the coppers of the Nerja Caves stalactites drip down the shoulders. The turquoise green blues of the Mediterranean Sea paint the torso and sleeves, while white and tan checkers and shapes reminiscent of Picasso’s Cubism art decorate the body.

The Region
Located on the southern coast of Spain in the community of Andalusia, Costa del Sol isn’t just a name, but a promise. You can expect nearly 320 sunny days a year in this sun-kissed region.

The warm weather means languid beach days on popular shores like Torremolinos and Playa del Cañuelo. Or perfect weather as you wander through Mijas Pueblo and spot the mountains of Morocco in the distance. A day spent in the capital of Málaga is wondrous as well. The city was Pablo Picasso’s birthplace, and the Picasso Museum offers a colorful splash of paint and design. Wherever you roam in this gorgeous region, bright colors of sunshine and ocean illuminate your way.


Canary Islands

The Jersey
There’s something wonderfully untamed about the Canary Islands. With volcano tops peeking out from rust-colored landscapes and dark blue waves crashing against the rocky coast, this place maintains a wild spirit.

To capture the unmatched character of the seven islands, you’ll find weaved geometric patterns of bright lava rivets against dark jagged peaks from the bottom hem up the torso. Drifting upward, you’ll see waves across the chest, evoking topographical map lines across the earth. The neck and shoulders balance the fierce heat and fire with calm blues of ocean swirls. From top to bottom, the shirt is emblematic of the mystic balance of power and peace.

The Region
Spain’s Canary Islands are located just off the African coast, offering a magical wonderland of contrasts. Across seven islands, you’ll find white sand beaches, thick green forests, golden sand dunes, and Mars-red volcanos. With over 250 km of shoreline, it’s a place for relaxation. But with its expansive landscape just outside of your hotel room, you can find your thrills, too.

Boasting sunny weather throughout the year, the great outdoors will be tugging at your sleeve. Lace up your boots to explore Teide, the third highest volcano in the world. Then, unwind along the sapphire seas at Playa de Maspalomas. Enjoy a day of shopping along the colourful rows on Las Palmas or wander through the greens in Caldera de Taburiente National Park. These islands are ripe for adventure.


Lake District

The Jersey
Lake District stretches across North West England. As the country’s largest national park, the emerald-green landscape is rich with rugged fells, grassy hills, and blue, glassy lakes. Adding to the enchanting storybook setting, centuries-old castles sit perched on the hill tops.

The chequered design on the shoulders evoke the stones walls of the medieval structures in the Lake District, from Brougham Castle to Muncaster Castle. The strong lines contrast the fluidity of the dark blue that symbolizes Wastwater, the country’s deepest lake. The blue mass on the chest flows into the rolling shades of green grass, which blanket the mountainous landscape, while the earthy tone depicts rocky Scafell Pike, England’s tallest mountain.

The Region
Like a page pulled from a fairy tale, Lake District has enchanting castles that dot its lush green landscape in the northwest region of England.

Take a step back in time with a visit to the medieval ruins of Brough Castle, or tour the grounds of the more modern Wray Castle. While exploring the national park, head toward majestic Lake Windermere and Wastwater, and you’ll soon realize how the region earned its name. Between a stop at Grasmere Gingerbread for a taste of the famous 1854 gingerbread recipe, and a visit to Honister Slate Mine, the country’s last working slate mine, it’s easy to see why this region is so remarkable.



The Jersey
Nordrhein-Westfalen, also known as North Rhine-Westphalia, is a destination in transformation. Towering buildings that were once home to a rumbling industry are now famed historical sites and museums. In a state filled with bustling cities full of people, there is an enormous natural park with deer and owls. And while centuries-old cathedrals speak of the past, there is a very new and vibrant art and craft beer scene brewing on the horizon.

Using the cherry blossoms of Bonn as inspiration, the sleeves and hem are dipped in pink hues, with specks of colour fluttering into the torso like petals. Strong geometric lines drape the chest, reminiscent of the local Romanesque architecture. And from neck to hem, the mossy green-brown of Eifel National Park complete the palette.

The Region
Nordrhein-Westfalen is Germany’s most populated state and is located in the west, next to Belgium and the Netherlands. With its history as a place of industry, ideas, and architectural marvels, it’s an excellent destination to stretch your imagination.

Start your tour of the region at Cologne Cathedral. You can’t miss the twin spires piercing the clouds. Next, make the journey to Schloss Drachenburg, a castle that looks like something out of a fairytale. Finally, it’s not Germany without good beer. Watch the brews splash in your pint glass in the cities of Düsseldorf and Cologne. The towns have fierce rivaling beer types: Altbier and Kölsch. Knock a few back before declaring your own winner.


Hamburg State

The Jersey
In northern Germany, Hamburg State is a charming place of delightful juxtapositions. Manicured parks surround urban structures; traditional beer halls inspire trendy craft breweries; and futuristic, abstract buildings meet the spired towers of centuries ago.

To illustrate this, the shades of muted browns and red brick along the shoulders and neckline recall the building blocks of both modern and historic architecture common in Hamburg, from the walls of Speicherstadt to the base of St. Catherine’s Church. The geometric teal designs on the midriff evoke the wavy glass façade of the Elbphilharmonie’s rooftop, a celebrated structure in the region. On the sleeves, delicate leaves represent those found in Planten Un Blomen, giving a softness that counters the strong, angular lines.

The Region
Hamburg is one of Germany’s 16 federal states, sitting at the head of the River Elbe. Its connection to the North Sea has given it a strong seafaring history, and it continues its enchanting legacy as a prominent port city today.

There’s perhaps no better way to appreciate Hamburg’s maritime ties than with a visit to the Sunday morning Altona Fish Market and a cruise around the harbour. A tour through the canals of Speicherstadt will reveal the grand architecture, while the historic St. Michael’s Church bell tower offers the best seats in the house for cityscape views. Between strolling the cobble-stoned streets and sipping local brews, Hamburg invites you to delight in all its charm.



The Jersey
The southernmost region of Portugal continuously attracts people to its beaches. The area has been a beacon for centuries, from the ancient sailors seeking land to the tourists of today looking to enjoy its pristine shores and warm Mediterranean climate.

Mimicking the Atlantic Ocean, a soothing marine green forms the horizon. It flows into currents of navy blue that eventually become a deeper, darker shade toward the hem, yet the undercurrent design is still visible. The chest, the shirt’s focal point, flares outward into four distinct rays of gold that symbolize the many lighthouses that signalled safe harbour for those at sea.

The Region
Algarve is one of the top tourist destinations in Portugal, and with one look at the ruggedly beautiful coastline, it’s easy to see why. Still, the land of lighthouses (there are nine) has more to offer than just seaside escapes. If you fancy yourself a history buff or you just enjoy walking through the past, step away from the shores for a bit.

People have been present in Portugal since the Palaeolithic era, and while you may not see artefacts from this time, you will find quite a bit from more recent eras. Faro is home to the Ruins of Milreu, which are the most prominent evidence of Roman existence in Algarve. Farther west is Lagos, which boasts over 2,000 years of maritime history. This city is teeming with remnants from the Portuguese Age of Discovery, and was the frequent home of Henry the Navigator.


Aegean Islands

The Jersey
The Aegean Islands are so enchanting, they’re what legends are made of. After all, many Greek myths are set in this region, from Tinos, where Hercules defeated Boreas’s sons, to Santorini, where Euphemus dramatically created the island.

Paying respect to the region’s mythical origins, the shoulder symbol represents the Temple of Poseidon, dedicated to the god of the sea. The white, step-like diagonal lines capture the simplicity of the whitewashed Cycladic architecture. Just as the buildings stand out against the Aegean Sea and sky, the design plays with those bursts of blue. Along the trim of the shoulders, the decorative border nods to the meander design seen in many Greek works of art.

The Region
When you imagine the Aegean Islands, you might picture whitewashed buildings, charming chapels, ancient ruins, and azure waters. Your imagination may seem cliché, but this cluster of islands really is as idyllic as your dreams.

Follow the mythical allure to the Aegean Islands, where ancient ruins tell stories of long ago. Crete’s archaeological site, Knossos, is considered one of Europe’s oldest cities, while the Temple of Aphaia sits nestled on a hill on the island of Aegina. Walk through the ports and you’ll see squids hanging to dry on clothesline and smell the rich aroma of moussaka permeating the air. Best of all, stake out a spot in the sand and admire the sparkling Aegean Sea.

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