What do The Goring in London, Hawaii’s Turtle Bay Resort and The Peninsula New York have in common? They are all Expedia VIP Access hotels. What does that mean? You can use your Expedia Rewards points to stay for free or at least to go towards the cost of your accommodation at these very special stays! That’s because these properties and thousands more are all part of the VIP Access program, a curated collection of hotels from around the globe that are hand-picked by our team. They are consistently exceptional, especially when it comes to guest experiences, ratings and reviews. But we’re not just talking five star properties or cookie cutter corporate hotels. You’ll find unique, one of a kind hotels on the list. That’s one of the big bonuses of the Expedia VIP Access program – the benefits are almost unbelievably good.

Now you might be asking how you’d ever earn enough points to stay at The Goring, where Princess Kate spent her last night as a single woman before getting married, but that’s the best part. Your Rewards points have double the burn value when you stay at a VIP Access hotel. Say you have $250 worth of points, at a VIP hotel those points are worth $500. All you need to do to earn points is to go on vacation – you earn points every time you book anything on the site. Our top tip is to book all your trips on the mobile app, where you’ll earn double points. It’s also the easiest way to identify VIP hotels, as you can choose to filter your search results by VIP properties.

What about when you get to the hotel? That’s where the in-stay benefits kick in. Expedia Rewards top tier Silver and Gold members get an extra 250 points when they stay at a VIP hotel, but better yet, most of the hotels offer an exclusive amenity, it might be a discount on food, free parking, or spa credits, it might even be free kids meals or golf course access. When available, Gold members are even eligible for free room upgrades.

You’re all now likely asking how to become a Gold member. There are three tiers to the program, Blue, Silver and Gold. Blue is entry level, with members earning points as soon as they sign up.

Tune in to our Expedia Travel Expert Lisa Perkovic as she shares more tips and tricks to making the most out of VIP Access hotels:

To find out more about all our amazing VIP Access hotels, check out https://www.expedia.com/vipaccess.

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