Imagine feeling rooted while doing tree pose surrounded by actual trees rather than studio walls. Practicing yoga outdoors enhances its health benefits and can awaken your senses to the gorgeous nature around you. Absorb vitamin D as you do downward dog on a beach in Hawaii and connect to your inner self while meditating in the therapeutic energies of a Sedona vortex. Take a few hours out of your busy travel schedule for some relaxation with these yoga tours in beautiful places.

Yoga in the Shadow of the Taj Mahal

People doing yoga while sitting on large rocks on the bank of a river in India

India is the birthplace of yoga, and what better way to recharge after busy days of sightseeing than with some rejuvenating yoga outdoors. Guided by a local yogi, greet the morning with meditation on the banks of India’s second largest river, the Yamuna. As the sun rises higher, the sculpted white dome of the breathtaking Taj Mahal glows in the distance as you move through Ashtanga yoga poses. You’re sure to feel refreshed after this authentic yoga experience.

Healing Yoga in a Sedona Vortex

Man meditating while sitting in the red-rock desert of a Sedona Vortex

Open yourself to a connection with the cosmos as you practice kundalini yoga in a Sedona vortex. Long regarded as a sacred place of healing energies, Sedona’s beautiful red-rock desert invites you to recharge. Journey out to a Sedona vortex, and then journey inward through guided breathing and meditation. While chanting mantras, listen to your voice reverberate around rock formations and then dissipate into wilderness.

Bora Bora Yoga in a Lagoon

Yoga Outdoors in Bora Bora overlooking a blue lagoon

Leave all your daily stresses behind as you sail to a remote motu (islet) in Bora Bora for a private yoga class. Roll out a yoga mat under the shade of palm trees and absorb the calm atmosphere of island life. Gazing out to the cerulean waters is sure to help open your sacral chakra associated with water and creativity. Then, get even closer to nature by snorkeling in the secluded coral garden of the lagoon.

Yoga in the Valley of Fire from Las Vegas

People doing yoga in the Valley of Fire

When the sunlight hits the red-rock formations of the Valley of Fire, the whole landscape appears to spark into flame. Light up your manipura chakra with that natural fire energy as you do yoga in this invigorating place. Practicing yoga in the Valley of Fire is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the Vegas Strip. A scenic helicopter flight back to Sin City is sure to extend your feeling of Zen.

Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga

A group of people doing corpse pose while practicing yoga outdoors on stand-up paddle boards in Toronto

For a more challenging core workout, try yoga on a stand-up paddleboard. It’s hard not to feel connected to nature when you’re floating on serene water and surrounded by trees in Toronto, Canada or with fish darting beneath in Los Cabos, Mexico. Even noobies to stand-up paddleboarding can achieve balance, and you’re sure to find your practice elevated to a new level in this immersive open-air setting.

Yoga on the Beach in Oahu, Hawaii

Woman sitting on the sand on a beach doing a yoga pose while the sun sets over the ocean

Hang loose as you salute the sun with your toes in the sand. Gorgeous weather and beautiful beaches make Oahu a perfect place to do yoga outside. Forget the meditation tapes, as you have real ocean waves to align your breathing with the tides. Get your heart rate pumping with a vinyasa and power yoga class on the beach in Waikiki and cool down with savasana under the palm trees. Aloha relaxation and namaste.

Wine and Yoga Outdoors in Florence, Italy

Inhale the sweet scent of grass. Exhale and listen to wind rustling the grape vines. Stretch your body and awaken your senses at the Tenuta Torciano Vineyards in the Italian countryside. After becoming one with the Earth, taste the terroir by following your yoga session with a Tuscan lunch and winetasting. What better way to uncork your chakras than with a glass of wine?

If you want more yoga in gorgeous locations, book a yoga retreat for ultimate Zen.