It’s time to start looking to brighter days ahead.  

We are all just starting to come out the other side and into a new, post-pandemic world. While things may look a little different, a few things remain the same. Here at Expedia, we’d like to think we are picking up where we left off to be the “helping hand” and travel companion to globe trotters everywhere.  

In our new Travel Companions report, eight in ten Americans say they feel stressed about the thought of booking an international trip once again. And, the majority (60 percent) of American travelers also said they need more of a helping hand when booking a trip today than they would’ve pre-pandemic. 

Most respondents said they recognize and are grateful for their vacation “helping hands” that helped them before the pandemic and those who will be there to help them again future travels. Who are these “helping hands?” The are the epic travel companions that guide travelers to the best options available and support them at every stage of a trip.

So, as travelers start to dream about, plan, and book their next trip, we want to remind people they are not alone. We’ve highlighted Americans’ most missed helping hands below to help celebrate their actions and to remind people of what they can experience when they feel travel is right for them.

America’s Most Missed Helping Hands  

1. The travel app

It’s time to open your favorite travel apps again! You know, those apps that help you plan, update or change on the go and keep your booking details, flight times, hotel availability, and check-in satisfaction all handy. Need a new one to download? Go for the Expediaapp, which even offers extra Reward points on all purchases.  

2. The driver

Who would have thought the mere idea of getting in a taxi would one day elicit tears of joy? On your first trip back into the world, go ahead and treat yourself by hiring a private driver for your transportation needs. You earned it. Need help? On Expedia, you can book a private airport transfer to your hotel. Simply, filter by “private transfer.” (For peace of mind, there is also an enhanced cleaning filter that highlights airport transportation suppliers taking additional steps to clean and sanitize.)  

3. The tour guide

Americans miss that special someone that can guide you through the sights on your trip. You know, the ones who are clued in on history and culture who never, ever need to open a map to know where they’re going. Depending on where you’re headed, you can book group or private/custom tours on Expedia. You can also filter for family-friendly tours or ones recommended by local experts to ensure your experience is tailored to your needs. 

4. The concierge

Almost a third of Americans are looking forward to booking activities away from their current routine, so it’s no surprise the mighty hotel concierge was an extremely missed “helping hand.” Want more assistance on your travels? Expedia now gives you the activities near your accommodation and will be available post-booking and in-trip, acting as a personalized concierge service just in case the one at the front desk is busy.  

5. The front desk

A quarter of Americans can’t wait to be welcomed by hotel staff. That warm welcome goes a long way in letting people know work time is over and fun time is just beginning. That and the hotel front desk workers can help you with their local insights that never fail to impress. But, if you can’t wait until check-in to find out more, you can check your hotel’s amenities with Expedia’s handy Virtual Agent tool. Just click ‘help’ on your homepage to see it all.