It’s time to dust off your travel bucket list and start adding some new places. These countries each had three or more cities that appeared on our list of fastest-growing destinations, based on flight demand. We’re calling it now: The following 10 places are the new fan favorites and ones to watch in 2020!

1. Spain & Canary Islands

This European locale boasts a whopping 13 trending cities, but they’re far from its usual suspects. Barcelona and Madrid were downright eclipsed by beachy Ibiza, Balearic capital Mallorca and historic Oviedo and Alicante.

Where to go: Ibiza (+50%), Palma de Mallorca (+35%), Alicante (+30%), Oviedo (+30%), Seville (+15%), Madrid (+15%), Jerez de la Frontera (+10%), Tenerife (+10%)

Tenerife Canary Islands

Tenerife, Canary Islands (+10%)

2. Canada

The U.S.’s northernly neighbor was far and away the champion of this year’s trend report, occupying 15 of the top 20 spots on our list with nearly all posting year-on-year triple-digit increases. Whether it was the favorable exchange rate, the draw of friendly citizens or the great outdoors, Americans are clearly quite fond of Canada.

Where to go: Winnipeg (+465%), Saskatoon (+425%), Regina (+400%), Calgary (+385%), Halifax (+365%), Ottawa (+340%), Victoria (+270%), Toronto (+265%), St. John’s (+170%), Vancouver (+145%), Quebec City (+125%)

Victoria Canada

Victoria, Canada (+270%)

3. Peru

While Peru might be synonymous with Machu Picchu for some, one glimpse of the less-famous but equally impressive archaeological sites in Trujillo, colonial architecture of Lima and White City of Arequipa will have you researching airfare within seconds.

Where to go: Trujillo (+35%), Lima (+15%), Arequipa (+5%), Iquitos (+5%)

Arequipa Peru

Arequipa, Peru (+5%)

4. Japan

All eyes will be on Tokyo next summer, but our data shows that interest in the country has already picked up, and it’s not just centered around Japan’s largest city. Stray off the beaten path to experience the history of Naha’s Ryukyu dynasty, get a taste of Osaka’s food scene or visit Sapporo’s famous Snow Festival.

Where to go: Naha/Okinawa (+45%), Sapporo (+40%), Tokyo (+20%), Osaka (+20%)

Tokyo Japan

Tokyo, Japan (+20%)

5. Italy

If you thought Italy started and ended with Florence, Rome and the Amalfi Coast, this year’s trends are determined to prove you wrong. From Sardinia to the Italian Riviera, there’s clearly much more to explore.

Where to go: Cagliari (+40%), Genoa (+5%), Olbia (+5%), Calabria (+5%)

Calabria Italy

Calabria, Italy (+5%)

6. Australia

Who’s afraid of the big bad 20+ hour flight? Apparently not American travelers, who went the distance to experience all that down under had to offer this year. While Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast are still popular holiday spots, travelers are venturing farther still.

Where to go: Sydney (+20%), Cairns (+20%), Adelaide (+15%), Melbourne (+10%), Gold Coast (+10%), Perth (+5%)


Sydney, Australia (+20%)

7. Mexico

It probably comes as no surprise that Americans are going to Mexico in droves, given it is relatively close-by, affordable and top-notch food and beaches. While spots like Cancun and PV maintain their popularity, Mexico’s hidden gem beaches and culture-rich cities are officially having a moment as well.

Where to go: Campeche (+95%), Oaxaca (+60%), Puerto Escondido (+50%), Puerto Vallarta (+30%), Mexico City (+30%), San Jose del Cabo (+25%), Cancun (+25%)

Oaxaca Mexico

Oaxaca, Mexico (+60%)

8. Portugal

Portugal might be the most predictable destination on our list this year, but just like Croatia before it, the demand shows no signs of letting up. With Portugal’s temptation of castles, beaches, great food and rich history, it’s time to jump on the bandwagon and book your trip already.

Where to go: Porto (+55%), Faro (+35%), Lisbon (+10%)

Lisbon Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal (+10%)

9. Brazil

Given that Brazil dropped its requirement for U.S. citizens to obtain a tourist visa earlier this year, it seems safe to say that demand will continue to grow in 2020. So, hop on board to see one of the world’s most awesome waterfalls, relax on spacious beaches and taste some buzzing nightlife.

Where to go: Fortaleza (+35%), Iguazu Falls (+10%), Sao Paulo (+10%)

Iguazu Falls Brazil

Iguazu Falls , Brazil (+10%)

10. India

The cities seeing the biggest year-over-year growth in India tell a story of leisure and industry. The country’s loveliest beach destination leads the pack, followed by more business-oriented locales.

Where to go: Goa (+25%), Ahmedabad (+15%), Delhi (+15%), Kolkata (+10%)

Goa India

Goa, India (+25%)

Want more trending destinations? Download the full 2020 Trends Report here!

What trending destination is on your bucket list for 2020?